by Leonid Pasternak/Wikimedia Commons

Writing can sometimes drive me crazy. I see one very popular hubber with 160 followers and 135 hubs,posting in the forum that she is taking a hiatus from the site. I took a look at her profile and she was rated an 86. Well, not low, but not high either. Reading her hubs, made me realized that she is a great literary writer. Her writing style is superb and her poems were simply great!

She is very popular on the site and has a long thread of comments on every post. However, looking at her titles made me realized that she was not getting any traffic. Her titles were a disaster —Distorted, My Light, Twisted —Holy Moses, no amount of SEO is going to make these articles land anywhere in cyberspace!

I tried to look at the B, to see if she is around and voila! Holy Almighty One, she is there! Such a waste of talent! She was pulling out her superbly written articles and put it in bubblews! What she could have done instead, is study a little SEO and come up with titles that will lure the luscious Google to look her way. With 135 articles, her number of views were only 10,000. I have 15 articles with 12,000 views. Before I flap my wings, a 21 year old girl came out with 3 articles about baking and she got 10,000 views too! 😀 Why? She took a video of herself in shorts and sexy underthings while baking! Hahahha!

Selling online takes a lot of strategizing and marketing. If I have a video of myself in skimpy shorts — that would be the end of me! I am sure I will be killed by all my neighbors….cats and dogs included! Hahaha!

Oh my goodness! This is one crazy world! Okay, who among you have been successful with CT’s ads? Can you please do a commentary so we can follow you around? I am looking for posts regarding these ads, but there is nothing written yet. Well…..

Have a great day everyone!


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite

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