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I do freelance writing and this is another day. I am tired, so I am taking a break till tonight. I need to do some cleaning and then I am oft to dreamland. I just submitted 2 articles about the home that was requested by an employer. The first one is about —-Choosing Your Home; and the 2nd, on Waterproofing the Basement.

I did the first one easily, but the 2nd one took some time. It was about interior and exterior excavation of trenches, seepage areas, sump pump systems, crack fillers, and structural damages— all the manly things that make me sleepy. LOL!

I am fortunate to have kind employers who are patient with me. Nonetheless, doing these types of articles drain me of all energy. I need to go out and air my head; it is heavily clogged and deteriorating like the drainage systems that I wrote about. I will take a nap for a few hours and do another round of freelance writing again.  😀

Oh, it’s another day for me. Have a good day everyone!

Photo credit: Pixabay.com


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