Ambon-Ambon Waterfalls: Amansinaya Resort

The Amansinaya Mountain Resort is idyllically located in Laurel, Batangas, which is less than an hour’s drive from Batangas City. Local and foreign tourists can book either a day trip, overnight trip, or for long time stay.

The site is near Tagaytay City, where local tourists often go to escape the extreme heat of Metro Manila during the summer months. The more affluent locals would have their 2nd homes in Tagaytay City as a summer house when the climate in Manila becomes unbearable.

jhobx2It would not be unusual to see a number of locals owning farms or estate in the nearby towns of Batangas and have homes where they can plant crops; or go into aquaculture, as the site is alongside the South China Sea. We used to own a fishpond in the area with the pond borders overlooking  the Mindoro Island.

Fishermen in Batangas usually trawl or catch fish up to the Mindoro Islands, and come back after a week to sell their catch to the local markets. Hence, I am quite familiar with the route, of passing through Cavite to Batangas City. Most recently, I saw some former students of mine go to a beautiful waterfall in Laurel, Batangas from a place called the Amansinaya Mountain Resort. It looks so impressive that I can’t help but crank up an article to show these pictures to everybody.

jhobx3Why call it Amansinaya?

Batangas is known for its fisher folks. Hence, it would not be unusual to call a lovely site as such. Amansinaya (Aman Sinaya) came from the ancient Philippine myths on deities and mythical creatures. Amansinaya is the patron god of fishermen and the indigenous tribes during the pre-Spanish times appealed to him whenever they cast their nets in the sea.

The main attraction of the resort is its nearness to the majestic Ambon-Ambon Falls, which is just an hour away by foot. The name Ambon-Ambon means slight drizzle in the local language. From the highlands of Tagaytay City, the site can be reached through the town of Talisay, and then Laurel. A day trip can be arranged for a trekking trip to the waterfalls, passing through streams and the scenic Simbahan na Bato, a place of worship which is found inside a shallow cave.

jhobx4Other attractions for day tour includes: zipline, wall climb, mudslide, swimming and a guided tour to the Ambon-Ambon Falls. The site looks awesome and is very near Metro Manila by local commute. Students are enjoying their last few weeks of summer vacation trekking the highlands on the way to the Ambom-Ambon waterfalls, and I look forward to doing the same thing too.


photo credit: JhObx Tamayo


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite


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