Covert Operations re Bridge Rehabilitation in PILI, Camarines Sur, Bicol Province


by Joey Natividad/bicoltoday.com

The San Jose Bridge has been undergoing rehabilitation for some time now that pundits are saying that the secret reason why this project has been in progress for so long is that, the team may be trying to recover buried treasures left behind by the Japanese soldiers during World War 2.

Pili had been the last defense of retreating Japanese soldiers during the war where many tunnels and underground defense positions were carved out by the Japanese at the foothills of Mount Isarog. Treasure hunters have been known to scour the site and creeks for buried treasures and gold nuggets left behind by the retreating Japanese army.

The rehabilitation of the bridge had started February this year and remains in-progress as of today. The excavation has expanded into other areas that is no longer part of the structural design. The contractor is seen to be excavating in excess of the required bridge foundation that led to many observers to believe that the rehabilitation is just a cover up for treasure hunting.
Meanwhile, commuters have to endure the rerouting at a nearby bridge while waiting for the contractor to complete the construction of the erstwhile San Jose Bridge.

Bottom Line:

Will this project take forever until a buried treasure shows up somewhere? God help us!




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