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The Legend of Daragang Magayon and Panganoron

A long time ago, when the Philippines was still not separated from a vast mass of water from its Asian neighbors, there once lived a group of amazon women who were known not only for their hunting and fighting skills but also for their great beauty.

Many men from different regions tried to court the ladies, but to no avail. They returned empty handed as it was the law of the land that intermarriage among tribal groups was not allowed. This practice often results to tribal wars but left the village secure since it is peopled by experienced and strong warriors.

Of all the women in Kabikolan, no one can beat the beauty of Daragang Magayon, daughter of Tiong Makusog. A wealthy native, named Paratuga, was smittened by the lovely Magayon that he thrice asked for her hand in marriage, but was always refused. Daragang Magayon was firm in her refusal that he was not the man for her. The father could not do anything but follow her wish.

Daragang Magayon confessed to her father that she was in love with a man who lives outside the region, or the katagalogan. She said that his name was Panganoron, a handsome young man and that she loves him. Her father, Tiong Makusog, though grief stricken, could not do anything but assured her daughter that she would help her.

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In desperation, Paratuga, with the help of his men, kidnapped Tiong Makusog as ransom for the hand of Daragang Magayon in marriage. If she refuses, her father would be killed by a hundred arrows. Realizing the predicament that her father faced, Magayon accepted to be Paratuga’s wife to save Tiong Makusog.

The date of the wedding was set and the dowry of gold, diamonds, and precious stones were given as gifts to the bride-to-be. The news of Magayon’s impending marriage reached Panganoron’s ears, and avowed to save her from what he perceived was a doomed marriage. A battle ensued on the date of the wedding that left Daragang Magayon and Panganoron dead. She was buried near the sea by Tiong Magayon, and with her are all her belongings, including the wedding gifts that she received from Paratuga.

A week after the burial, the inhabitants were surprised to see the mount of Magayon rose that eventually turned into a hill. After several years, it turned into a beautiful mountain which was named by the locals as Mount Mayon. The flock of white clouds that floats at the top of the mountain is said to be Pangaronon, kissing his beloved; while the rumblings inside the mountain is the spirit of Paratugan who is still trying to retrieve his gifts of diamonds of gold from Daragang Magayon. When it happens,  Magayon responds by throwing back rocks, lava, and stones.

So ends the legend.


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