Teodora Alonzo, mother of National Hero, Jose Rizal
Wikimedia Commons

It will be Mother’s Day again, and everybody is in a celebratory mood. Restaurants have started to give discounts to families who will be treating their beloved mothers to dinner. The malls have super sales where everybody can get to as much as 70 percent discount for gifts to mothers, complete with fancy gift wraps and personal cards. We now see the social sites, like Facebook, with all friends posting the pictures of their mothers by giving accolades that purport to show that they were lucky to have the best mothers in the world.

Despite all the hoopla, I have not seen a single congratulatory note thrown your way. There is no celebration from your sons and daughters to your greatness as a mother. There are no accolades, no fancy dinners, or notes to thank you on how great a mother you have been to all your children. Nobody remembers, at this time when your body is wracked with pain from all the afflictions that were thrown your way. You cry in the night, and suffer the great indignities that your own children had wrought upon your body; and yet, you endure all the pain.

Dear Mother, many have heard your cries and know of your anguish as you look at your children kill each other without fear of retribution. They have succeeded in stabbing your heart with their wanton disregard of what is true and just. I see you stumble dear Mother and I hear your deep wails as you try to be strong for everybody. Your body is now full of sores, and your sufferings are endless. I hope that your dear sons and daughters take pity and heed your call to make your house in order.

I cry with you, dear Mother. I see you fall down many times only to rise again – repeatedly. On this occasion where we pay homage to Mothers worldwide, I pay you the greatest homage today. To the greatest mother of the world….Happy Mother’s Day to my dear Inang Bayan, my country, the Philippines!



Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite

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