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A Writer Named StreakAnime

I saw the writer with the pen name Streak, who used to write for FOK and PAA. She is no longer here, since I saw her requesting for a deletion of all her articles a few months back.

I don’t know the reasons, but she might have issues with the editors of the site. Though I am not sure of it, but I read somewhere that she mentioned it in passing in one of her articles online.

A minute ago, I saw her again in HubPages with the pen name, streakanime. I knew it was her, since the profile pic looked exactly like her, though without the small kid.

I remember Streak mentioned that she was fond of anime too so her name just sunk in. However, she only had six articles on the site and all that she wrote about were reviews on: writedge, daily two cents and postloop.

She wrote that the owner of the first two sites was somebody who was a success in the B. However, she created a new site because of the non payment issues on that site.

Streak wrote a very compelling argument on why writers should try the three sites. I haven’t been convinced though. But I am still looking, if it is something worth my while.


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