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Living in the Province

I lived in the province as Manager of a fish pond project several years ago. Everything was quiet and nothing extraordinary really happens in a staid barrio with just the fisherfolks and farmers roaming around. They come and go on the way to the farms and the sea where their bancas were aligned in the river banks.

One time, I noticed the presence of somebody that was foreign in the place. She was a middle aged woman, in tattered clothes, and walked aimlessly around the place. I saw her standing by the seawall of the pond, as she looked her way around. I got troubled by her presence and told the farm hands to drive her away.

They told me that she was one crazy woman that smoked too much. She talked nonsense, but abided when the men accompanied her out of the place. But for three consecutive days, I saw her loitering around, as she watched people come and go. Since I was scared that something might happen to her on the site, I called the Barangay Captain.

The Barangay Captain, in hush-hush tone, told me that the crazy woman might be a look out for the drug syndicates in the area. Apparently, he had her followed, and they were surprised that she had a nice looking cell phone on her belt. She also talked straight to the store owner when she bought her cigarettes and was heard to talk in English on the phone.

A Crazy Presence in Our Midst

When she noticed that she was being watched, she acted crazy again. The barangay captain, however, insisted that his men, always saw this woman being picked up by a van in the afternoon, and was again sent back the following day in the same van.

After sometime, the barrio was awakened by gunshots in a car chase where a couple (man and woman) was pumped with bullets on their way back to the city. The agents who did it, were not from the place. They say that these were the military elite force from Manila.

After that tragic incident, we never saw that crazy woman again.


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
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