Nothing of a Fallacy on Those Who Stick Through Thick and Thin

writerby Francisco Goya/Wikipedia Commons


There are writers who get so enamored of a site, that they stick to it through thick and thin. This is a fallacy and it is not healthy. Since we are incapable of knowing on what is going to happen in the future, it is but prudent that we spread ourselves around so we don’t easily fall down flat on our faces if something goes wrong somewhere. So many sites are closing down now. There’s Diskussable, and Teckler may be next. The common denominator in both sites, are that postings are short, too short for the search engines to take notice of.

In situations like that, the internal traffic should be strong like that of the B. If a site wants to generate external traffic, postings should be longer and quality control should be in place. That is just what I think. Nothing short of a fallacy of sticking through thick and thin; or anything scientific about it.

What I have expounded on any site that I am a part of, is for writers to extend their reach. Meaning, never to put all their eggs in one basket. This is an idiom that is used in Finance, but holds true in real life too, like online work.

What these purport to show is that, if you get hit in one line of work, other work can help buoy you up so you don’t drown. Teckler looks scary now. I better create another site for my short postings from Teckler and the B. I am hesitant to post on my more formal sites since I don’t want to be hit by the G too.

farmWikimedia Commons

Other Modes of Earning: Not A Fallacy but a Reality

It is now harvest season in the farm, and the caretaker (man and wife) is now at home and brought mangoes and rice. They are now cleaning our yard in Manila and will be back on the farm tonight. Having other sources of earnings sure helps make life a little easier. I am still waiting for the harvest from other sites.

The rustic life of being in the Inang Bayan, the Philippines, is what makes me want to stay here, rather than uproot and start again in foreign shores. I may not be rich, but I am more than comfortable, to be happy as can be.


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
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