Darenclin Vito Bosea – an unusual name, and we call her DC for short. It seemed  only yesterday when I last saw her in class. There she was, peeping in  if I was looking…..

I watched her as she opened her notes and acted like it was a most natural thing to be late. I called her attention, and she got startled. She meekly said, “Ma’am, I was late since I am now living in Makati(about 40 km away) because of work.”

I remember telling her, that she had to choose – work or her studies? She promised not to be late again. I can’t say that she made good with that promise, since I saw her came in late a few more times. When she graduated, she was happy that school was finally over and she had all the time to continue working.

I no longer saw her in the last two years. All I knew was that she worked continuously right after graduation. I saw her once in a while on Facebook(FB), and I always called her attention whenever she posted quotations without attrition. I again reprimanded her a few months ago, when I saw another post of hers without attrition.

She never minded me when I blasted on her posts online. She probably knew that I was just being true to form. I never noticed her again on FB, but like my other students, I thought that she must have gone on her merry ways while earning tons of money, like her classmates.

Today, I was shocked to read on FB that she was murdered by an unknown assailant on her way home. There was an attempt to rape her, but she fought back – hence, she was killed. It is such a waste that such a young girl, who is so full of promise could have her life snapped away at a click of a finger.

Her body was found hanging from the barbwire fence inside the subdivision where she lived. It is a most atrocious way of ending such a young life.

To my student, Darenclin Vito Bosea, sleep in God’s cradle my child. You are now home, where the angels sing their glorious praises to be with you.


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite



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