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Fitball exercises are becoming more popular nowadays since they were first introduced several years ago. The use of fitballs has inspired health enthusiasts to roll and have fun improving on their strength for a leaner body frame. The exercise is suitable for men and women who suffer from back pains and want to improve on their core muscles for stability and balance.
Tips on doing Fitball Exercises

  • Check the ball if is of the right size and properly inflated. Before going through the exercise, you need to verify that you are using the right ball size that fits your height and weight. What you do next is to make sure that the ball is properly inflated by following the recommended guidelines as stated in the box.
  • Proper clothing and exercise attire must be considered so you can move comfortably and easily. This would include the use of good training shoes, as well as a good fitting shirt and shorts.
  • You need to have enough floor space to do the exercises, so a proper check of the area should be done before you start the routine.
  • There is a need to check on the proper grip of the floor to ensure that it is not slippery for you to roll with the exercise ball.
  • Like any other exercises, warm-ups are necessary before you start with your physical activity. You also need to maintain good posture to avoid injury.
  • Finally, you should breath properly to obtain maximum results with these types of exercises.

The Bottom Line

This new addition to routine exercises is a big boost to health advocates in building and maintaining their core-strength. It is inexpensive but can create a functional training environment that is fun to do. Fitball exercises are welcome additions to enthusiasts who want nothing less than a leaner and healthier body frame.


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