Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair

The prom is one occasion that most teens look forward to. You may sometimes wonder if it is worth all the fuzz —finding a date, prettifying yourself, and throwing down some hard earned cash— just for one night. All of this stress can make anyone want to throw her hat and surrender. But a prom, though not mandatory, is a momentous event that is worth remembering. You have to go and make the experience a part of your life’s archive that you would want to reminisce when you are old and gray.
When at the prom, you want to make sure that everything is perfect. Your hairstyle should match with your dress, shoes, and makeup. To pick the right hairstyle for your long hair, you need to follow the following guidelines:

Personality Type

In that august hall of dance aficionados, all you want is a better version of yourself. You need to know your personality type to create this new persona: sophisticated, hipster, alpha female, or casual. Changing your persona to somebody that is not you, may leave you uncomfortable and uptight to fully enjoy the scene. If you are somebody casual, leave the more formal and funky updos to others, and stick to the traditional and casual.

Hair Texture

The choice of hairstyle would depend on your hair texture. Fine hair would need much work to make it fluffy and create more volume. Coarser hair could be sculpted and styled to create Grecian buns and hair sprays to hold it down. Nonetheless, straight hair can be curled into ornate updos, and; curly hair can be straightened to half down/half up hair styles.

Choice of Clothes

The choice of hairstyle would depend on the type of dress that you will wear. A Grecian inspired gown will not look good with a funky hairdo. A classic dress will not look good if you come up with a frizzy and modern hairstyle. Your choice of updo must complement your dress and not compete with it.

Choices for Prom Hairstyles for Long Hair


  • For Casual Look
scarletScarlet Johansson/Wikimedia Commons

Tousled Tresses Look

The style is created with the use of a 1 to ½ inch curling iron at the front section of the hair for curling. When the hair is all curled, you run your fingers through it to give it a tousled and carefree look. You need to spray the hair with a light hair spray to hold it together. This style looks great for all types of hair and would look good if you have a rectangular or square face.

  • For Classic and Grecian Inspired Look
scarletScarlet Johannson/Wikimedia Commons

Pinned Back Look

This is a simple hairstyle that parts the hair on the desired side. Once parted, you take the desired side of the hair and secure it at the back with the use of a bobby pin. The look is simple but classy. Finish the hairstyle by spraying light hairspray. This style is great for all types of hair and goes well if you are oval or round face.

  • For Modern /Funky Look
braidWikimedia Commons

Braided Beauty Look

This style incorporates braids in front to keep your hair out of your face. The braid is a two inch section of your hair and kept intact at the end part with the use of a rubber band. You then secure it with bobby pins after crossing it over to the other side. The remaining hair is then curled with the use of a one and one fourth inch curling iron to achieve a modern but sophisticated look. This hairstyle is best suited for those with small forehead.

The Bottom Line
These are some of the prom hair styles for long hair from among a plethora of the best ideas. Whatever look that you want to achieve – funky, classic, or casual — you should see to it that the hairstyle should always match your lovely dress and stunning accessories. By achieving the total look, it would not be far-fetched that you will be one stunning presence in the dance hall that will turn heads your way.


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
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