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I went there to see the HR Division of USAID to get a copy of my Certificate of Employment and Remuneration. I had to take a taxi to reach it before zero hour. I arrived at 4:15 and talked immediately to the entrance security personnel upon reaching the place.

I requested them to let me in, by showing a copy of my previous certificate issued by USAID. However, he kept telling me that no one was answering the phone. I was there standing for around 30 minutes, waiting for his call to get through.

Pestered with all the waiting, I informed me him that I will be back the following day; but he will have to sign my document that I was at the vicinity of the embassy from 4:15 to 4:45pm and the HR Department was not answering his calls.

He refused to do so. So, what I did was get the names of the security personnel there and jot it down on my document. That must have scared him since another call of his got through. He knew that I will file a letter of complaint.



Looking at my document, which showed me to be with the agency’s Comptroller Office as Chief of the Voucher Section, made him realized that I can give them trouble. LOL! I know for a fact, that the U.S. Embassy does not tolerate gross incompetence.

Not being in your work area, during the official time, can be grounds for a negative performance review. He knew that I was aware of this;  so he made me take that call. The outcome was that, I am going to get my certification early tomorrow morning.


One thing good about working with multinational companies and the U.S. Embassy is that there is not room for gross incompetence. People can see through your work, and can judge it if it’s within bounds of the strict standards of the agency, or you get booted out.

Sad to say, in Philippine companies and agencies, the reverse is true. You see gross incompetence starring at you in the face – but the doers, seem not to mind as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. This is where I get into trouble most times.

I can endure some amount of incompetence, but with gross incompetence – I am bound to vomit straight into the  culprits faces when caught unguarded!

Holy banana!

NOTE: Nothing came out with this application, which is a good thing. I am now a full time freelance writer and blogger.


 Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
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