csm: “Sister, you have zero passing rate this last one year. I have applied since last year to teach in this school, but you keep refusing”

sister: “Magulo kang tao ei. Nuong estudyante ka, magulo ka na; hanggang ngaun magulo ka pa rin!”

csm: “Your number of students in BSA is shrinking. People would not want to join your program when you have zero passing rate! You need me here sister. I’ll just go over your program to kick-start it, if it becomes smooth sailing – I’ll go! It’s hard to see a bunch of nuns all the time! Hahaha!

sister: “Dami ka question ei! bakit lalaki yung dean; bakit isang matanda ang nagtuturo ng accounting; retention program – – – guguluhin mo lahat dito!”

csm: “Sister, you have zero passing rate! i am one of your few graduates who made it, and I am volunteering to help – but you don’t want me to!

sister: “Aber, anong araw ka magtuturo dito? At ilang units i handle mo?”

csm: “Saturday 2 to 5pm. 3 units of higher accounting subject”

sister: “Abah, gagawa ka ng rebolusyon tapos 3 units lang i handle mo?”

csm: “It’s the thought that counts, sister!” Hehehe!

sister: “Magusap uli tayo next sem!”


POSTSCRIPT: The truth of the matter, is that I no longer have time. I will still be finishing my MBA studies at DLSU Graduate School on Saturdays. I have MBM studies at SFAC, Saturday mornings.

Kaso, sa alma mater ko walang pumapasa. Pakaunti ng pakaunti nalang BSA students duon. How do you attract students into your fold, when you have 0 passing rate? Pag pumayag yung madre, baka sacrifice ko yung DLSU grad school ko sa hapon para lang sa kanila. Kaso, ayaw nila ei! Ayaw nila ng academic uprising! Bwahahah!


Artikulo 49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite





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