I went back to PLMun this morning to get my Certificate of Employment and Remuneration from Sir Little Jones of HRD. Trekking back to the place, made me want to remember what it is that fascinated me when I was still there. Well, herein is the list according to the degree of preference – it’s all food, and glorious food,,,,,,,,

  • Angel’s Hamburger stand, near the entrance of PLMun. Whenever I reach the entrance of the university at Katarungan Village, I know that it will be a long trek up the road. It seemed like half a kilometer of walk, with a road that goes up and down. So what I do is fortify myself by having bacon and egg sandwich with cola drink before each trek up the road.
  •  PLMun Canteen, at the right side portion of the ground floor area. Upon reaching the university, I get hungry again from all the walking. Hence, before going up to the 3rd floor where the College of Business Administration (CBA) is situated, I buy either a hotdog sandwich or saucer sandwich to fortify myself some more with the rigors of teaching!  LOL!
  • Mercury Drug Store – On my way home, I hitched with fellow faculty members who had transport up to the crossing area where you can find the Mercury Drug Store. I usually buy soda or ice cream before going home.
  • Panaderia near the crossing – there is this panaderia that bakes bread every hour or so. Whenever I passed by the crossing, either going to or from the school, I checked if there was newly cook bread and I buy a few pieces (of around 5 to 10 pieces, depending on my budget). The co-faculty members often wondered why I keep munching something. What they didn’t know is that I have plenty of “baon” inside my bag! LOL!
  • Lunch racket of BSBA students – I had students following me around, selling merienda and meals for lunch. A number of them are quite well off now, but when they were my students – they sell me “microscopic ulam”, sa sobrang liit! Hehehe! I know you have to earn guys, pro that must have taught you a lesson kasi ngaun mayayaman na kayo! LOL!
  • Mang Inasal – I like the 50 peso meal of one chicken thigh, rice and a bowl of clear soup. I always go to this place, every salary time as a treat to myself.
  • McDonald’s and Jollibee – another stop over for me, whenever I had the urge to splurge on food! Hanggang dun lang kaya ko ei!  ☺
  • Sa hirap ng lakad ko to and from school, it is not a wonder why I didn’t lose weight. Sa dami ng food choices, talagang tabachoy na tunay aqu nung nandun pa me! Hehehe!
  • Ah, before I finish this article – one thing that I will never forget in this school is the “mumo” in the faculty cr! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it! Whew……nandun pa kayo yun?   🙂


23 May 2013






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