I have not been active in my writing these last two weeks. The reasons:  I am trying to create my own website and seeking other job avenues online.

Then my application for the agency came, and the requirements and documentations, that I have to do were tedious and long! I also talked to some academic institutions, but now I have to send my apologies, since it would not be possible for me to do academe work at this time.

But writer’ portals are beckoning (threatening?) that I should do some work and send in my proposals! I may do 1 or 2 proposals now, before I get out to get my documents from my former schools.

Wish me luck, FB friends!


Herewith is the latest email send to me. Unless, I do a proposal, they will no longer send me job assignments.



Thank you Lord, for giving me the opportunity to do all these wondrous task! Thank you for opening all the doors and windows for me to go in! I shall always be your loyal servant, in every endeavor that I do.


22 May 2013



Congratulations! You’ve been invited.

You’ve been invited to submit a proposal for the following job. Please let the client know whether you will accept or decline the job.
Reminder: When you submit a proposal to invited jobs, connects are not required.

Fixed price: Less than $500  |  Ghost Writing  |  Posted: May 21, 2013

  curtis1978,    United States
I need someone who knows how to write a business plan for a tv show. Its about paranormal investigators going into to haunted location if you know how to write bussines plan for tv shows then please hit me up thank you.
Note: I didn’t submit a proposal to this project. I am much to scared to write about the paranormal.

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