• Going back to my former schools: PLMun, SLAC, LOA and DFCAMCLP is like going back to an empty shell that is no longer my home;
  • I walked in those pavements, passed through the hallways, and was surprised to see vendors and people along the route who knows me till now;
  • I was back not because of academe work, but because I need a document to prove that I was among those who trod the academe walls several semesters ago;
  • I talked to the Heads of Colleges, not because of work but because they have to sign my Certificate of Employment and Remuneration during my length of stay with them;
  • I was able to get my documents from SLAC and LOA, but I need to return tomorrow for my certification from PLMun;
  • There is still need for me to go back to my Alma Mater, Santa Isabel College in Taft to get my certificate of  graduation; and USAID for my certificate of employment and remuneration;
  • The latter is important, since I am asking the agency to peg my salary rate based on my last ranking status from USAID.
  • I hope to submit all of these documents by Friday, May 24.
  • Then, it will just be another round of negotiations with the Bureau Director and the HR Department for the scope of work and pay.


Thank you Lord for this fruitful day! Thank you too for making all of these possible, today!


Artikulo49-Musings from the Inang Bayan
Copyright © 2014 CSMiravite

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